Growbag Fruit Cover Bags, Fruit Protection and Crop Protection

growbag fruit protection

Growbag fruit cover bags offer an innovative approach to fruit covering by protecting fruit from pests and dust. Growbag fruit cover bags also help to protect fruit from fruit fly, direct sunlight and scab on the skin of the fruit.

Our growbag crop protection bags are made from fabric that has microscopic pores making the growbags water resistant, durable and breathable. The fabric pores are large enough to allow air to circulate yet small enough to keep the pests away.

These properties ensure that growbag fruit protection bags improve crop quality and benefit the crop yield. The crop protection bags also help to improve the appearance of the fruit.

Simple to install, our growbag fruit cover bags are reusable and offer an efficient fruit covering solution.

Limit the use of pesticides, save time and improve crop quality. Install our growbag fruit cover bags today!

Growbag Fruit Cover Bags and Crop Protection Bags

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